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5 Popular Modest Dresses in UAE for Women

Dress codes hold great importance from ancient times to the present times. As dress code of every man and woman is the self-expression of an individual personality. The way they dress up explains a lot of things about their trait. The dress is also important as it physiologically impacts the mindset of others. In ancient times people of certain tribes or areas dress in a certain way to represent their community. Thus it highlights the importance of dress and stresses the importance of dressing up modestly. Nowadays a lot of women in the name of fashion wear very exposing clothes that do not even complement their bodies. Apart from that, they have to pay hefty prices for those dresses which are not even comfortable. Hence purchase these comfortable stylish dresses at reasonable prices with Noon discount code.

These dresses are practical and available in vibrant colors. You can easily grab the design you prefer with the color you like on any platform. These dresses have maximum functionality and allow you to work and wear them on any occasion you like. Additionally, they are very economical in price. Dressing up modestly showcases a person’s behavior, social status, dress, and values. Nowadays due to advanced fashion trends, people forget about these vital things due to which a lot of issues arise in society. Modest dresses provide you with a sense of security and there is the problem of malfunctioning. Here are a lot of options and variety in modest dresses.

1- Embroidered Abaya

Abaya is a garment that covers the whole body from head to toe. The abaya is the traditional clothing attire in all Muslim countries for Muslim women. It is associated with the religious sentiment of people. It is the upper which could be worn by anyone anywhere. These abaya could be available in plain style with multiple colors. For styling purposes, there are buttons at the front. The black color abaya is very alluring and makes it look blend yet sophisticated. This abaya could be worn on different formal occasions. They are now available in beautiful embroidery which is usually Persian style or Arabic style. The robe is plain black or other colors and the embroidery work on it is of different color. Although is a formless and conservative clothing item its baggy style still looks beautiful.

2- Printed Jalabiyas

It is an old Arabic-style loose garment which is inspired by Egyptian-style dresses. It originated in East Africa. Now they are widely used by the women of the Middle East. It is the perfect blend of cotton and wool which is designed in a gown-like manner. It is a collarless attire that covers your whole body. Some jalabiyas contain beautiful and delicate embroidery that creates a modern touch in clothing attire. The embroidered sleeves are of full length which adds an extra level of detail. It elevates the dress and adds a touch of charm. It is available in different colors and can be worn on any formal occasion.

3- Kaftan

Kaftan is a variant of robe and tunic which designed stylishly. These kaftans are made up of wool, cashmere, and cotton. In ancient times there are embroidered pieces of garment which are only worn by elites. These embroidery are especially handcrafted and inspired by Turkish culture. The kaftan now become luxurious clothing with different styles. These are available in different colors and can be worn on several occasions. Initially, in history, the kaftan is worn by the male population of different cultures. This kaftan evolved with time for women and is now designed on different clothing items. They are made with several fabrics like velvet, polyester, and much more. They also contain belts that secure around the waist and are sometimes designed in butterfly gowns. There are a lot of lightweight kaftans. There are different floral patterns which are printed on the whole kaftan.

4- Bodice Tulle Dress

These dresses are the most beautiful dresses which are worn by different people. These bodice tulle dresses are designed delicately. These are textured luxuriously with A-line, fit, and maxi length. They have cap sleeves with sheer overlay. It contains a concealed zipper closure to the back. They are available in different colors which are lightweight and comfortable. It has a corset-style bodice that complements your body. It got beautiful over all over with the dresses. 

5- Pleated Bodice Maxi Dress

A Maxi dress is a long garment that covers the whole body. These are smooth dresses made of comfortable velvet or polyester. They got the v neckline and belts secured around the waist. Maxi is usually made up of different fabrics of velvet, polyester, and silk. These dresses are usually made for several formal occasions. The upper body of the dress is body fitted with a beautiful neckline. The length of the dress is up to the ankle. These dresses are very popular among girls. As they got multiple designs and embroidery on the whole dress.