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2d Shape Posters With Poperties


Stars are captivating shapes with multiple points, each formed by extending lines from the center. They come in various forms, such as five-pointed stars, six-pointed stars, and more. The number of points in a star determines the number of interior angles it possesses. While not traditional polygons, stars hold a special allure and are often used in decorative designs, national flags, and festive ornaments.


The heart shape is universally recognized as a symbol of love and affection. While not conforming to the definition of regular polygons, it consists of two rounded arches meeting at a point, creating a delightful and charming appearance. The heart shape’s unique properties evoke emotions of warmth and tenderness, making it a beloved emblem for expressing affection in art, jewelry, and romantic gestures.


A crescent is a shape that resembles a curved moon or a “C” shape. Unlike conventional polygons, it is a curve formed by the intersection of two circles or a circle and an ellipse. Widely associated with lunar symbolism, crescents have cultural significance in various societies, often representing growth, change, and the passage of time.


A diamond is a four-sided polygon with two pairs of opposite sides that are equal in length. Its sparkling brilliance and elegant structure have made it a popular shape in jewelry and design. While not a traditional regular polygon, diamonds have symmetry and geometric beauty that contribute to their timeless allure.


Arrows are shapes characterized by a pointed end and a tail at the opposite side. They are used to indicate direction and are commonly found in signage, graphic design, and archery. Arrows can come in different styles and sizes, and their angles depend on the specific design and curvature.

nhance your understanding of 2D shapes with these informative posters, highlighting the unique properties of each shape. From circles to octagons, these posters provide a clear overview of the characteristics of various 2D shapes.

Circle: A circle is a closed shape with all points equidistant from its center. It has no corners and one continuous curved edge. Circles have a constant diameter, and their circumference is determined by multiplying the diameter by π (pi).

Square: A square is a four-sided polygon with all sides of equal length and four right angles. It has four corners, and its diagonals are congruent and bisect each other at right angles.

Rectangle: A rectangle is a four-sided polygon with opposite sides of equal length and four right angles. Like squares, rectangle

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